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Wellness Pods

Skin Wellness Pod

This is a hydrothermal sensory pod that “aquafoliates” your skin while working with your body’s natural perspiration process— cleansing and decongesting your p​ores. Enjoy a luxurious combination of Infrared Energy & Steamed Heat with a Pulsating Massage Bed. It's the complete SPA experience for your body!

20-minute session - $15

Cocoon Wellness Pod

This is a luxurious full-body, powered massage system that combines Infrared Heat, Thermal Therapy, Pulsation Massage, Himalayan Salt. Add Resistant Bands for an intense fitness experience.

Max of 30-minute session - $15

AquaFrixio Massage with Red Light Therapy

Red Light Therapy Bed

Research shows that Red Light Therapy helps your body produce endorphins, serotonin, enzymes, elastin fibers, and collagens naturally. This process will improve your skin’s structure making it look younger and healthier. Ask us about more benefits from this amazing service.


15-minute session - $10

AquaFrixio Massage Bed

This is an advanced, stand-alone hydro massage system that uses water pressure to alleviate body and muscle pain. This invigorating massage bed can provide all the benefits of a professional hands-on massage. The AquaFrixio also features a Red Light Therapy Canopy. Now you can enjoy a hydro massage and get the benefits of the Red Light Therapy Bed at the same time!


15-minute session - $15

Tanning Beds

Luxura Tanning Beds

Have that just-at-the-beach glow all year long. We offer high intensity UVA & UVB beds for a maximum tan. Available beds include:

  • Luxura X7 Tanning Bed (12 minute max.) pictured
  • Luxura X6 Stand up Tanning Bed (10 minute max.)


Single session - $15

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