Meet The Team!



    Owner - Creator - Mind behind HudSun

I am excited we are able to bring something new + innovating to Grand Forks! Having an awesome team here at Hudsun Wellness Center + being able to share our passion with our clients to help them find themselves again if it be in weight loss, fitness goals, pain management or just to help them relax, it’s the BEST!


    Assistant Manager

One word: HudSun. 

This is my life + where you need to be! Health & Wellness are two MAJOR factors in my lifestyle + I am extremely grateful to have the opportunity to project this in the community. Being a wellness advocate + strong supporter to our clients has been the most rewarding experience in my day to day life. I LOVE the variety of clientele we have from age to needs to fitness levels. I enjoy making that personal connection and figuring out how ‘exactly’ we can help them BEST on their journey, what ever that may be, with the services we provide! Through HudSun, I have become a cheerleader - motivator - helping hand + friend to every person that has walked through our doors since day 1 . . . and wow do I feel like a bag of money! Health truly is WEALTH!


              Wellness Associate

I love watching our members fall in love with with the process of becoming the very best version of themselves. Helping them improve their overall wellness from the inside out! we have everything to offer from teeth whitening to the HotWorx classes. guarantee we have something you’ll love at HudSun!


           Wellness Associate

I really like working at HudSun because the atmosphere is fun! I really enjoy all of the clients and have made some life long new friends! For me, being a part of their day that involves bettering themselves makes me feel good about where I work!


       Wellness Associate

What I love about working at HudSun. . . building relationships with all of the people that walk through the door! It’s so great to get to know everyone and watching them reach their goals. I’m so grateful to be a part of their lives in that way!


     Marketing Associate

HudSun is so amazing! The encouragement, the community, the atmosphere, everything - such an amazing + rewarding experience! Getting to meet new people, interact with them, learn about their story - is what this is all about. From the second you walk in - to the second you come back + everything in between, is exactly what not only I needed, but also what this community needed! You're not alone in your wellness or health journey & HudSun makes that known with every experience!


         Wellness Associate

I really like working at HudSun because the atmosphere is relaxing + fun! At HudSun you can get a great workout in just a short amount of time. It's truly so beneficial when your lifestyle is so crazy busy! For me, having two little boys, I know how crazy life can get, so having just 15-45 minutes to get a solid workout in - is something so beneficial here in Grand Forks. The best part about HudSun is the amazing teamwork from employees to clients! Truly a fun, relaxing, nonjudgmental atmosphere!


               Wellness Associate

I love working at HudSun because everyone is always so happy + excited to be there. It's great energy! It's such an encouraging + motivating environment!

          Wellness Associate 

Working at Hudsun is a lot of fun and incredibly rewarding. I get the opportunity to see the results of the awesome services provided here. Hudsun a place of relaxation and positivity where I love to see members come out of their sessions refreshed, rejuvenated, and ready to rock the rest of their day!